Transplant - About the author

Nathan grew up in a small town in New Mexico, and no he's not Spanish. All the characters based off of real people in his life, though for the most part (like most comics) they're all just extensions of his own being. Nathan has been drawing since before he can remember. It all started out with stick figures and the like, but like most boys it soon turned to dragons and monsters and lots of scary stuff with big nasty teeth. The comic itself is more or less based on Nathan's real life, but sometimes it deviates from the norm. The character James is Nathan's animated counterpart For the most part that's exactly what Nathan is like, only Nathan has a goatee and his hair doesn't do that anymore. Originally the comic was going to be run by him and his friend Sara, but that idea sort of flopped and Transplant became Nathan's little adopted child. Nathan is currently 19 and living in Denver, Colorado. He's studying to get his Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design.

Transplant is hosted on Keenspace, the grandmaster pimp-daddy of comic hosting on the web.