Transplant - Characters

James - The main male character. In fact, the entire transplant universe is centered around the menial happenings of this boy. Tall as a tree and as cynical as... something very cynical. He somehow manages to always find himself in some sort of crazy and unfortunate trouble, because mishaps happen to be magnatized to him. It also seems that everything technological is out to destroy his life. And his hair does that naturally. First appearance

Olivia - The main female character. One day Olivia followed James to school. Twice as insane as James and three times as loud. She's not really violent, though, she's just drawn that way. She's one of those crazy people that your mother warned you about. She tends to be the instigator of most of the crazy adventures that James finds himself in, but then there are those other occasions when she runs off in her own little world. One word to sum up Olivia: unpredictable. First appearance

Electronics Botique Girl - The utmost evil creature ever created, and she just happens to work at Electronics Boutique. Always out to cause trouble for James and Olivia and make their lives a living hell. On the fateful trip to Egypt, James turned her into a frog simply because she was such an annoying butt. Recently came to get revenge on James, but her plans were foiled by Satan. Not suprisingly she is one of the purest forms of evil, but does this mean she was created by Satan, or something far more powerful and evil? Or is it just a sheer coincidence? First appearance

Satan - What else is there to say about Satan? He's evil, yet somehow less evil than EBGirl. He used to rule Hell, but one day he lured James into his dismal pit because he was bored. He then followed James home. Though still a protagonist, he is James' annoying roommate and does everything within his suprisingly amazing powers to trip up James and Olivia. Not suprisingly, he is the creator of everything evil, including Rap, Pop music, Bill O'Reily, standardized tests, and store clerks. First appearance

The Dark Genie - In spite of what the name might imply, The Dark Genie isn't all that evil. He just has a tendancy to do the bidding of what his current master wishes. Imagine that. In adition, he will take on the aspirations and dreams of his current master, thus making for some very interesting and seemingly bi-polar results. First discovered in Egypt by James and Olivia. Recently was employed to do the evil bidding of Electronics Boutique Girl, but Satan mustered up some unforseen powers and sent him to Antartica. First appearance

Carlos - The stereotype of the students at college. He plays the annoying songs that make you want to beat him, and he seems to be everywhere. He's basically just a punching bag for everybody else's agression. He isn't really James' friend, he's more of a close acquaintance. He always knows what's going on in the world of college and always seems to have the answers... but that doesn't save him from being bludgeoned. First appearance

Erin - James' girlfriend, and possibly the only character in the entire comic who isn't completely loony. She does basically everything that James does, only she's younger, shorter, and a whole hell of a lot more cynical. She does everything she can to hold her life together and not go completely insane while James is away at school, but sometimes that's even too much for her. First appearance

The Fat Kid, a.k.a FK - James' best friend since they were too young to form cognative thoughts. He's a year behind James in high school, so now he's taken on the role of local crazy person. He also has the amazing ability to keep Erin sane and drive her mad at the same time. Notoriously known for the phrase "Nothing like a fat kid to ruin the moment!" He's basically just incredibly insane, possibly even moreso than James and Olivia combined. First appearance

Death Bunnies - One day Satan ran away. After shamelessly ripping off The Nightmare Before Christmas, he stumbled upon the home of these mysterious creatures. Smaller than Satan and as stick-figuresque as him, their only purpose seems to be to disgust, repulse, and generally do lewd things for no particular reason whatsoever. They're not really deadly. Just pink. First appearance

Transplant is hosted on Keenspace, more powerful than Satan and The Dark Genie combined.