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Just links to nifty stuff... Hope you enjoy it!


Sluggy Freelance! The niftiest of all things nifty, Sluggy Freelance. Actually, this is what inspired me to put my comic up on the web. Check it out, seriously.
Penny Arcade is... to say the least, very hillarious. It's a scream. Although, I must warn you, it's not exactly for children. Laungage, violence, yeah... all that good stuff.
Thatguy! It's all about thatguy, his friends, and his evil concience posing as his good!
Loserz It's another comic about general teenage life, only it's a bit more vulgar than mine. But it's still really hillarious.
Krakow There's really not much I can say about this except it's Canadian. You really have to see it for yourself.
l33t pixelz Before you condemn me for having a sprite comic, know that this guy makes his own, so he sucks slightly less than everyone else. Besides, it's actually funny.
Pass/Fail studios Nerds will enjoy this, because it's writen by nerds. Classic comic book character references in basically every episode.


The It used to be the collander guerillas, then it was the stickmen from hell, and now it's combined into one glorious amoeba.
Emotion Eric It's a very silly site. The name pretty much explains it: he conveys emotions upon peoples request.
Fensler Films home of the GI Joe PSAs! Really hillarious. A must see.
My deviantart Basically this is my art: There's a lot of graphic design stuff, there's some illustration. It has almost no relation to Transplant.
Transplant on LJ That's right, it's the official Transplant livejournal community. Have a livejournal? Want to post about how much I suck? Want to post about how much I RULE (which is preferred)? Do it. Join it. Give suggestions, but chances are, I won't take them to heart, because I don't like anybody. Word.
Maddox If you don't know about maddox, you should drop what you're doing now. He tells us all what's wrong with the world, and then he tells you you're stupid when you send him negative e-mails! Fun for EVERYONE!
Photobucket This is just a good place to host photos if you have a livejournal or anything like that. It's definately an internet geeks best friend.

More to come later, there just aren't that many neat places out on the web, y'know?

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